What are the options to contact Kids Age News Paper?

a. Email : You can send your inquiry to our email address kidsagecoimbatore@gmail.com

b. Reach Us Form: You can submit your inquiry on the Reach Us available in our web site. Also scroll to the bottom of any page to find Contact Us form.

c. Customer Care: You can call our Coimbatore franchisee at +918883355326 (or) Main Head Office at 812 812 3773 from Monday to Saturday between 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM

How we send the Forms & Payment to Kids Age?

Once the forms are filled and subscription amount is collected, the schools can email us  the forms and deposit the amount in our account. If possible we can send our field representative to collect the forms and the subscription amount from the school.

Which type of contents you provide in Newspaper?

Sports, Mathematics, Drawing, Art & Architecture, Natural Phenomenon, Flora & Fauna, Outer Space, Geography, History, Civilization and Anthropology and many more are covered in the newspaper using pictorial and textual representation.

Quizzes and activities based on various subjects encourage the kids to understand and gather the knowledge. Besides this, best practices followed in others educational institutions are shared with the readers

How much does the Newspaper cost?

Yearly subscription cost is Rs. 1200/-, where you get 1 newspaper every month for 12 months + Bundle of Benefits which includes below FREE exciting add ons.

a. FREE courier delivery 12 times.

b. FREE 8 copies of previous editions (4 regular, 4 special)

c. FREE online coding course voucher worth Rs.599

d. FREE Craft book worth Rs.199

Do I have to pay extra for Special Edition?

No, There is NO cost for Special Edition

How to submit the contest form?

Kindly follow the instructions given in the newspaper. Post your response to the head office address of Kids Age, mentioned on the last page of the newspaper as on or before the date mentioned in the rules.

How many copies, We would receive in a Month?

You will get one newspaper in a month.

How do we get the Newspaper?

You will get your copies via normal post. If you choose courier mode then you need to pay extra courier charges.

How to know the winner details?

On the 6th day of every month, we declare the contest’s result on our website and Facebook page.

We have received a form from the School, where to submit and how to subscribe?

You have to fill up the form and submit it to the school along with the specified amount informed by the school. You will receive copies at School.

In which way Kids Age Newspaper is useful for our child?

Our main objective is to cultivate reading habits at a very young age. It not only makes the kids knowledgeable but also develops inquisitiveness to expand their horizons.

If we subscribe through school then, how we will receive the copies every month?

If you subscribe through school you will receive the copy from school.

Is there any Scholarship for Meritorious Students?

Yes! Meritorious students are recognized and rewarded by our newspaper! School toppers of Class X th are bestowed with a glittering trophy along with a certificate. The objective behind the initiative is to motivate students

If I register individually TODAY then when will I receive my first copy of News paper?

After registration for the subscription, the first copy shall be dispatched in the following month. For e.g., if you have registered for the subscription in the month of April, you shall receive the first copy in the month of May.